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Anti-aging skin care treatment with permanent injectable fillers

As far as anti-aging skin care treatments are concerned, Canada is further ahead than the United States in most types of injectable filler anti-aging skin treatments. The anti-aging skin care treatment which is in much use these days is the technique of using large volume injectable fillers. These injectable filler implants can be used in place of fat transfer, nasal dorsal implants, chin implants, mid face implants, and cheek bone implants. These larger volume filler implants are very useful in the re-contouring of facial structures.

Instead of injecting a filler through a needle, a minor surgical procedure as a skin treatment can be performed in the office operating room to place a permanent implant. This allows a very large volume of filler to be implanted and very accurately placed to achieve maximum effect.

Since it is possible to implant 2 -30 cc of product at once, the desired correction can be improved faster. These skin treatments are not done in the skin but under the skin so it does not deal with wrinkling within the structure of the skin.

These antiaging skin care treatments include two anti-aging skin care products -- Restylane® and Perlane® already discussed under collagen injectionss. But for large volume skin treatments the variants of these antiaging skin care products are used which are called as Restylane SQ® and Bio-Alcamid®. Restylane SQ contains the same molecule of Restylane and Perlane, but the particle size of the skin care product is increased significantly so that it can be put under the skin and will stay there. Bio-Alcamid is a gel polymer of Alkyl-imide groups which is a non-toxic chemically and physically stable with a high compatibility when placed inside the body in the subcutaneous facial area.

The Procedure for Anti-aging Skin treatment

Large volume fillers as skin treatments require a large bore needle and therefore they can be considered as surgical injectable implants. The area to be injected always requires an anesthetic by nerve block or a local infiltration unlike the small volume facial collagen injections which do not normally require anesthetic for their application.

With the anti-aging skin treatment involving large volume filler products, swelling may be evident for several days after injection. These implants can usually be removed if you decide you don't like the look, but otherwise they are permanent.

This antiaging skin treatment usually requires two sessions of these implant injections to get the correct volume in the correct position. If Bio-Alcamid is used, prophylactic antibiotics by mouth are required to be used on the same day as injection and are continued until five days later. primarily used for treating facial wasting, particularly that commonly seen with the antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV. Special forms are required to be sent to the government to ensure the proper use of this product. Any facial wasting caused by aging, trauma, and disease processes can be treated with this anti-aging skin care treatment product that makes a use of large volume of these injectable fillers.

Restylane SQ is a very long-lasting anti-aging skin treatment which can be effective for as long as a year, whereas skin treatment with Bio-Alcamid is almost permanent.

Complications with the anti-aging skin care treatment products

Complications from these injectable skin care products are very few and far between. Infection is not very uncommon but it can be easily treated with antibiotics. Partial removal of the implants may sometimes be necessary to help the infection resolve.

Complications such as wrong placement and migration of the implants have been seen to occur, but these can be easily removed with needle aspiration. Reaction to the implants has never been described in Canada or in Italy where the anti-aging skin treatment with Bio-Alcamid has been in existence for around 2-3 years now.

Anti-aging skin care treatment with Natural Fillers

The final class of fillers as the anti-aging skin care products are the ones which come directly from the body of the patient, so there is no chance of rejection. Once the material is harvested, it is tested and processed to remove any substance that could cause an allergic or infectious response. Longevity of these human-derived anti-aging skin care products varies widely, as does the cost. The more popular ones are Alloderm® (implanted), Fascian® (injected), and Cymetra® (an injectable form of Alloderm)

Skin treatment with fat transfer

Fat transfer is a method whereby fat is removed from one area of the patient and then injected into the area where fullness is desired. It is an excellent alternative to filler products which are obtained from outside sources, and is one of the more permanent anti-wrinkle skin treatments.

Also known as fat grafting, fat transplantation, autologous fat transplantation, fat injection, or microlipoinjection, the procedure involves suctioning small amounts of fat, usually from the abdomen or flanks, processing it in a centrifuge to separate the fat from other substances, and then injecting the fat into the face for the desired effect.

Fat is most often used to fill in "sunken" cheeks or laugh lines between the nose and mouth, to correct skin depressions or indentations, to minimize forehead wrinkles and to enhance the lips.

The anti-aging skin treatment procedure:

After both the donor and recipient sites are cleansed and treated with a local anesthesia, the fat is withdrawn using a syringe with a large-bore needle or a cannula (the same instrument used in liposuction) attached to a suction device. The fat is then prepared and injected into the recipient site with a needle. Sometimes an adhesive bandage is applied over the injection site.

As with collagen, "overfilling" is necessary to allow for fat absorption in the weeks following treatment. When fat is used to fill sunken cheeks or to correct areas on the face other than lines, this overcorrection of newly injected fat may temporarily make the face appear abnormally puffed out or swollen.

The anti-aging Skin treatment with Dermal Grafting

The anti-aging skin treatment with dermal grafting usually results in a scar at the graft site (where the tissue was removed). The grafted skin is then processed and formed to fit the area where it will be injected. A tiny point in the wrinkle or line is opened to create an area where the skin implant is placed. Because it is a graft, far less reabsorption occurs than with other dermal fillers such as collagen or fat.

Isolagen® and Autologen®

Both of these anti-aging skin care products are grown from patient’s skin that has been removed surgically and then sent to a lab for processing and replication before surgical re-implantation several months later. Because of the work involved by the lab for storage and processing, this option costs several thousand dollars. As with all self-derived fillers, there is no risk of allergy or rejection, and no skin test is required. Longevity of these products varies from 6 months to several years or more.

Alloderm® (FDA-approved for cosmetic corrective use) is processed from donated human cadaver tissue prepared in such a way that it retains its underlying structure. It has been used for a variety of surgical reconstructive procedures to replace lost, damaged, or diseased tissues. For wrinkles, it is considered stable and may last from 1 to 2 years, though controlled studies are not available


Cymetra is a micronized version of Alloderm. This material is rehydrated with lidocaine in the physician’s office before injection so the procedure is far less painful. Because it is human derived, no skin test is required. Clinical trials with 200 patients to date show no evidence of allergic reactions, however, transient bruising, redness, and swelling occurred at a rate of 2.1%, side effects that are true for most dermal fillers.

Cymetra is not recommended for use between the eyes or around the eye area but is effective for nasal-labial folds and lip enhancement.


Sculptra (FDA-approved to restore or correct facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) in people with AIDS) is non animal-derived poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and is related to alpha hydroxy acids. It is not approved for wrinkles or general cosmetic use in the US but it has been used in 30 other countries as a dermal filler for several years. It can be used for wrinkles and acne scars as well as for general improvement in facial and lip contours. Results are not immediate and usually require multiple, biweekly treatments. It can last up to two years but usually requires touch-ups.

From injectable fillers to laser resurfacing, from dermabrasion to dermaplanning there are many choices of the skin treatment.

But which skin treatment is best for you can only be decided only after a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Having accurate and authentic information about the procedure you are considering also helps you to make the right decision.

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